Welcome, I’m Sara Mondaini and I own The Mystical stitcher Blog. I’m married, we have two beautiful Staffies and two gorgeous cats. I am a seamstress and textile artist and love making my own clothes. As well as this I test new patterns for my favourite designers. I love pattern testing because it takes me right out of my comfort zone. It also challenges me to try new things and learn new techniques.

When I’m not sewing, I love to cook and work on projects around the house. So I’ll be sharing any useful hacks I pick up that could help make life easier for you too.

My Mission

Within the pages of this blog I want to share my sewing journey with you. I want to bring you a wealth of sewing information, tutorials and useful resources to help you on your own sewing journey. So that you can make your own beautiful things and feel that warm glow you get when you finish a project that you have lovingly made and put your heart and soul into.

Of course, life is not always sunshine and roses and I don’t want to pretend with you that it is. I also suffer with episodes of anxiety and sewing helps me get through these episodes and come out the other side in one piece. So through this blog I hope to help inspire other people who suffer with anxiety so that they too may find an outlet to help them cope.